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We are a distributed design collective with hubs in Barcelona and Santiago de Chile. Working primarily with tools of design, fabrication and research, we try to move things in the right direction. Towards more participation, more Equality and more sustainability.

Our Philosophy

We believe in human beings as a force of good ( social value) starting from local solutions to scalable realities (ecological value), sharing knowledge and with a multidisciplinary scope (joining forces). We have a curious mindset, seeking alternatives beyond our boundaries ( exploration and playfulness), with transparency and open-sourcing for democratizing design (open by default).

Our Expertises

Coming from a wide range of professions, we combine a myriad of skills, perspectives and practices. This makes us able to contribute to fabrication and design challenges, social impact initiatives, business consulting and sustainability research. Reach out to us with your problem, let‘s chat.

Speculative Design
Machine Intelligence
Future Foods
Material Research
Music Making

Joaquin Rosas

Máster en Design for emergent Futures, IaaC /ELISAVA, Barcelona.
2022 Designer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Professor at the Design Lab UAI, with teaching experience in the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile and in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. He specialized in the development of projects with high social impact through the use of new technologies, Materials Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, sustainable methods and circular economy. He has been part of different multidisciplinary teams at FabLab Santiago and FabLab Universidad de Chile, where he worked as coordinator of projects and professional endeavors. He has taught multiple workshops and advanced workshops on digital fabrication, Biofabrication, Design and technology. He has participated in various research projects, development of methodologies and biomaterials. He is Currently experimenting and researching the relationship between sound, digital and robotic fabrication and ecology.

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Roberto Broce

Roberto Broce is a biodesigner and researcher focusing mainly on bioremediation of contaminated waterways and collaboration with organisms to create biomaterials. Roberto comes from a business background, having worked for many years in startup acceleration, venture capital, and business development. Through the lived experiences of the business world aimed at solving problems for the future, Roberto noticed an opportunity in creating and remediating materials that will stir us away from an increasingly plastic-averse market.

Roberto now works in the cultivation, research, and analysis of microorganisms as viable market alternatives for products containing a variety of synthetic polymers. Through design interventions with the users, Roberto is able to gain a first-person perspective on the living experiences of the end-user and how these designs might affect them.

José Hirmas

Social entrepreneur, business designer and educator. 

+9 years of consultancy experience, developing social and educational projects. Head of Jeff Academy, democratizing entrepreneurship training into a long-life learning experience. Co-founder of Actitud Lab, b corp. bridging the gap between companies and their educational environments. Assistant Professor at Innovation Center Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Assistant teacher for vulnerable public schools, helping students to develop social-emotional skills, and training teachers in design thinking and leadership skills.

Master in Design For Emergent Futures, Iaac/Elisava, Barcelona.
Commercial Engineer MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Chile.

Interested in design as a tool for social transformation, working in projects that include food culture, learning experiences, craftmanship and new narratives that generate positive impact(s) for the future(s). 

Chilean. Palestinian descendent. Food explorer and craft beer taster.

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Tatiana Butts

Tatiana is a creative technologist interested in the intersection of art, technology and nature.

In her bachelor’s degree in Creative Technologies at NABA, Milan, she developed skills in video editing, 3D modelling, motion graphics, visual effects, UX/UI design, compositing, creative coding and multimedia art. 

After finishing up her Master's in Design for Emergent Futures in Barcelona, Spain, Tatiana is now a graphic designer by day and a multimedia artist by night. She hopes to use her creative skills to have a positive impact on the world, where innovation and sustainability are put first.

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Chris Ernst

Chris is a multi-disciplinary digital designer with more than eight years of experience. He builds digital products as a freelancer and lectures at HTW Berlin.

Treading on the border between design and technological investigation, he fuses disciplines and emerging trends to find out how we can shape a future that is more purposeful, inclusive and regenerative.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication from HTW Berlin and a Master degree in Design for Emergent Futures from IAAC. He is currently completing a Postgraduate degree in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project from ISEC Lisboa and ELISVA Barcelona.

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