Astra x Woodstaco

Light Installation
Project Overview
Astra is al light installation designed and built for Woodstaco Festival 2023 in Chile. Standing more than two meters tall, the light installation takes the form of a flower, which sleeps during the day but wakes up with the nightfall. Blooming in vibrant colors and pulsing with light in different intensities, it invites the festival visitors to recharge and reflect while basking in the soft light it radiates. Placed next to a calm lake, it's visible from across the festival grounds as it radiates its warm colors throughout the night. The feedback of both festival visitors and organisers was overwhelmingly positive, praising the calm atmosphere created around the sculpture.
Our Contributions
In collaboration with UAI Chile, we designed a light installation for the Woodstaco music festival. The project included conception, electronics and hardware design, programming, fabrication and installation on site. While electric components were planned and programmed in Barcelona, the sculpture was build and assembled in the workshop of UAI in Santiago de Chile. The final presentation took place at Woodstaco Festival in Chile in January 2023.