Sonic Ecologies

Speculative Design
Project Overview
When was the last time that you played with mud? Why are objects designed to last forever? Why have we lost our connection with nature? What is the relationship with sound and our physical world?

These are some of the questions that are explored in this project. “Sonic Ecologies” is a series of specific designed interventions that happened in the city of Barcelona and its natural surroundings.
Our Contributions
Joaquin developed ’Sonic Ecologies‘ for his Master Thesis project. With Collaboration of Christian Ernst and Tattiana Butts for the exhibition Hybrid Ecosystems.

Clay 3d printing was developed in FabLab Barcelona, with the assistance of Daphne Gerodimou and Eduardo Chamorro.
Sonic Ecologies
Speculative Design
The intervention is designed to work as a cycle, with human intervention opening and closing the loop, and It's divided in three main stages.

Stage 1: Recollect the Clay from Collserola Park, A natural park at the surroundings of  Barcelona In some areas, its possible to find Clay soil that was used for crafts and fabrication. During the recollection of the clay, the natural sounds of the place were recorded to use them for the Hybrid ecosystems exhibition. The sound waves are transformed into 3d printed volumes.

Stage 2: Install the 3d printed clay different metallic and conductive totems,  these totems are connected to an electronic system that sends sound signals when the clay is touched, It’s expected suprise and collaboration between the participants.

Stage 3:  Hike to Collserola park, where every participant takes a piece of the clay. The pieces of clay will be seted up for a music performance that will be played there. After the performance, all of the clay pieces will be returned to the park as little sculptures, or as traces of human intervention. So with that approach the object will have its own natural cycle, where it was taken, used and returned where it belongs.